• Lessons

  • All our lessons are made to suit your individual goals. You can book either an individual lesson or a group lesson. We always recommend a few individual lessons to start with in order to gain the first basic knowledge about horse riding. If spaces are available, you can then join a group.

    Groups are for up to 6 riders to ensure a safe environment where all riders still get enough attention and challenge to improve their riding skills.

    We teach classic English horse riding with some aspects of Horsemanship and Natural Horsemanship. We have experienced horses and ponies for you to learn horse riding on, different sizes and characters to ensure you get the most suitable match to have a great experience while learning. 

    We play lots of games, go for treks and do different activities to ensure you or your child will have fun while learning.

    We have 2 arenas, 20x40m and 50x60m, a lunging pen and paddocks to ride in.

  • Group Lessons

    Group lessons are a fun cost effective way of taking your lessons.  We try to match groups according to age and ability of riders as much as possible. You will be placed with others of similar ability on a suitable pony or horse.

    Group lessons have a maximum of six people in a class.

    Lessons include dressage and jumping, farm riding and cross country, depending on ability and individual goals.

    Current Group Lessons are during term time from 3:30 - 5 pm and 5 - 6 pm.

    Please call to discuss about availability and suitability for you or your child.

  • Private Lessons

    Private lessons provide one-on-one learning experience, working on your own set goals at your own speed. If you are learning to ride, private lessons will speed up your learning and allow your coach to fully concentrate on your learning progress.  

    Some private lessons are necessary to be able to join a group lesson, so that you know some basics and are able to control and enjoy your pony in a group lesson.

    Private lessons are on demand, weekdays or weekends, please give us a call to discuss further

  • Horse Experience

    Suitable for private groups, children and families to gain first knowledge of horse riding and handling.

    The focus is on building confidence and enjoying being around horses and ponies.

  • Prices

  • Private Lessons
    30 minutes$40
    60 minutes$60
  • Group Lessons
    starting from$45
    booklet of 10 lessons from $400
  • Horse Experience(2 hours)
    first person$120
    additional persons$90
  • Trekking


    We offer a 2 hour trekking experience through forest and open farm land.

    Our priority is to give you a safe enjoyable experience with our horses and ponies, also gaining knowledge and understanding of horses' behaviour, their communication and their needs.

    We will start riding in our arena to make sure everybody feels safe and confident to go onto the trek. The trek leads us through some forest and some open farmland.

    Our ponies and horses are calm and the trekking experience is suitable for all abilities including beginners, family with children or more advanced riders.


  • Prices (2 hours)
    1 person$180
    additional person$130
Business Changes

Please note that we have recently changed our services:

  • We now offer lessons on your own horses and on ponies leased from us.
  • We are available for schooling and training for your horses.
  • We offer great grazing and agistment services!

Riding lessons using our own horses, holiday programs, trekking and birthday parties are no longer provided.

In the future, we are also planning confidence workshops (on the ground and when riding).

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these exciting new offers.