• Training

  • We train horses in a calm way, so they will learn happily. Let us know what your expectations are and we will try to find a suitable training program for your horse to suit your requirements. We have experience in starting and schooling horses and ponies to make them your great companion.

    Training five times per week.

  • Prices
    1 week$300 plus grazing
    2 weeks$550 plus grazing
  • Boarding

    Are you looking for horse grazing?

    We offer a range of services to horse owners. With about 20ha of managed grazing available plus a wide variety of rolling hillside paddocks we offer a wonderful place to keep your horse. Depending on your horses requirements, we can paddock separate or with others. All our paddocks are deer fenced.

    You will have access to all our facilities.

    Let us know your horses needs, we will cater for them.

  • Prices
    1 week$40 (includes feeding hay)
Business Changes

Please note that we have recently changed our services:

  • We now offer lessons on your own horses and on ponies leased from us.
  • We are available for schooling and training for your horses.
  • We offer great grazing and agistment services!

Riding lessons using our own horses, holiday programs, trekking and birthday parties are no longer provided.

In the future, we are also planning confidence workshops (on the ground and when riding).

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these exciting new offers.