• Price: $ 6.500
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  • Color Chestnut
    Sex Mare
    Face Markings Star & snip
    Leg Markings LF pastern; LH & RH sock
    Breed Quarterhorse
    Height 14.4
    Date Foaled July 28 1998
    AQHA 1234567
    Sire Big Daddy
    Dam Tully
    Registered Name Big Daddy's birthday girl
    Breeder Doc Holliday; Wyatt's Farm; WI
    Notes Ringbone (arthritis) in RF pastern
Business Changes

Please note that we have recently changed our services:

  • We now offer lessons on your own horses and on ponies leased from us.
  • We are available for schooling and training for your horses.
  • We offer great grazing and agistment services!

Riding lessons using our own horses, holiday programs, trekking and birthday parties are no longer provided.

In the future, we are also planning confidence workshops (on the ground and when riding).

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these exciting new offers.